LeBron James overtakes Kevin Durant and leads Stephen Curry in the 2022 NBA All-Star Game vote count

Three weeks have passed since the beginning of the votes for All-Star Game 2022 on the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the second count of the preferences made by fans through different platforms has been officially delivered.

It should be remembered that the popular choice represents 50 percent, while the rest is divided between what the coaches and players choose, so what the fans decide through the league’s official site, the application and social networks will be key in the days that remain.

Nine days before the opening of the voting, it has been known who commands the preferences of fans around the world for the NBA All-Star 2022, both from the Western Conference, such as Stephen Curry, the most popular of all, and Lebron James, which overtook the leader of the East, Kevin Durant.

The second vote count for the NBA All-Star Game 2022

In this update, there are only three players in the entire count who exceed four million votes: those mentioned Steph (4.4 million), the King (4.3 million) and Durantula (4 millions); further back among those who have more votes appear the Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo in the East with 3.8 million preferences, and Nikola Jockic, in the West, with 3 million.

In what is no longer a surprise, but rather a ratification, who appears again in the first place among the guards in the East is DeMar DeRozan with 2.9 million votes; while the most outstanding jump is that of Ja Morant, who escorts Curry between the guards of the west with 1.68 million.

The third and final official count of fan votes will be released by the NBA next Thursday January 20, two days before voting closes, ahead of the event to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sunday February 20th.

This is how the second vote count goes for the 2022 All-Star Game (NBA)


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