LeBron James is nominated for worst movie for imitating Michael Jordan in Space Jam

“I fell asleep”, was one of the comments from sports fans who eagerly awaited the premiere of the film Space Jam: A New Era starring Lebron James because Michael Jordan He had set the bar very high. The experts proved them right.

In a kind of anti-Oscar awards, the awards golden raspberrybetter known as Razzies, puts the magnifying glass on the worst movies and actors to give them an award that few would like to have. LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers, one of the candidates.

Although the same Lebron James was in charge of clarifying that Space Jam: A New Era (A new era) It was not the second part of the mythical film that starred Michael Jordan in 1996 (Space Jam: The Game of the Century), the comparisons were inevitable and the experts once again agreed with MJ’s followers.

On March 26, 2022, the Razzie Awards will hold the 42nd edition of the awards that reward the worst in cinema and, as if it were a coincidence, they will be held in Los Angeles: the ‘House’ from Lebron James. How many nominations will he win?

LeBron is nominated for worst actor for trying to imitate Michael Jordan in Space Jam

for trying to imitate Michael Jordan and making a new version of Space Jam, LeBron James was nominated in four categories for the Razzie Awards for the baddest movie: worst actor, worst movie, worst on-screen couple, and worst remake, copy, or sequel.


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