LeBron James hints at whether he wants a trade for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2022 NBA

With the transfer deadline for the 2021-22 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Being this Thursday February 10th, the exchange rumors are growing and the frenzy that is the last two days of this window is approaching.

Los Angeles Lakers they’re one of the teams most heavily involved in trade rumors, and with good reason. The franchise of Lebron James and company urgently needs to improve if it wants to compete for the ring. Ninth in the Western Conference won’t cut it.

Given this, the main player talked about for a possible trade, if the team wants to bring in a high-caliber player, is Russell Westbrook. And the one who was asked about a possible move before the term ended was LeBron, and he didn’t hold back.

LeBron James on the Lakers and trades journalist Mark Medina published the statements of the King on his Twitter account: “I always felt like, well I never played fantasy basketball, and these are the men we have approaching the deadline and we are ready to face all the challenges that the season has given us“, began James, who then gave a hint about his desire for the exchanges.

“If there is an opportunity to improve, then you explore those options. Nobody rejects that. If you have the chance to improve, you do it, if not, you continue with what you have”, closed the angelina star, who clearly believes that they can be better. Is he giving the general manager a wink Rob Pelinka?


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