LeBron James’ former teammate who records crazy numbers in the NBA

Several players came out of Los angeles lakers in the previous season of the National Basketball Association (NBA), therefore, they had to separate from Lebron James and find a new destination to stay active on the court.

Fortunately, almost everyone is doing well in their respective organizations at the individual level, being the shirt 6 of the Los Angeles quintet rather the one affected by the departure of their former teammates, who although they were not of great renown, they did the work in an efficient way.

Just one of them is Kyle kuzma, now at the Washington Wizards, averages a total of 15.6 units per game, 8.6 rebounds and 2.8 assists so far this regular season. However, in his last 8 games he just blew up.

Kyle Kuzma, on!

Washington Wizards ranks ninth in the NBA Eastern Conference with a record of 21 wins for 20 falls. Now, in the last 8 games, Kyle Kuzma has been a real explosive bomb for the capital quintet.

Kyle Kuzma (Photo: Gregory Shamus | Getty Images)

In this way, he seems to be consolidated in his new team, without missing LeBron James’s Los Angeles Lakers and clearing his path as an offensive player in the league. Will Californians finally miss ‘Kuz’?

Kyle Kuzma in numbers
Team Production
Oklahoma city thunder 29 points | 5 rebounds
Orlando magic 27 points | 22 rebounds
Chicago bulls 21 points | 11 rebounds
Houston Rockets 24 points | 9 rebounds
Charlotte hornets 36 points | 14 rebounds
Chicago bulls 29 points | 12 rebounds
Cleveland Cavaliers 25 points | 10 rebounds
Miami Heat 22 points | 7 rebounds


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