LeBron James explains the importance of being an MVP candidate with the Lakers: It is not his priority

The 2021-22 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) It has not gone as it would have liked to Los angeles lakers, which had many injuries and players going in and out of COVID-19 protocols. The one who has had a great year has been Lebron James.

LeBron average 28.9 points per game, the most of his era at the Lakers and more than he has done since the 2009-10 season. This is due in large part to the improvement he has had in his three-point shot, as well as a greater prominence due to the deficiency of his teammates.

His numbers speak for themselves, and that is why today he is for many in the top 5 of the race for the award of Most valuable Player. However, for the player himself, this year the award is not so important, but being among the candidates means something that is important for him.

LeBron explains the importance of being an MVP candidate

After a practice, LeBron talked about running for MVP. “I believe that when they put you in the conversation by the MVP, that means your team is winning matches and you’re playing at a level that helps win games. So if my name starts to be in the conversation then I’m happy in a sense, because it means the Lakers are winning basketball games and that’s what I want. That’s all that matters to me. “

“I know what I bring to the team every night. I know what I’m capable of every game. But I want that to result in wins and that has always been my mindset in this league., finished James, who is clear about his priorities.


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