LeBron can breathe: Los Angeles Lakers get rid of one of their worst mistakes in history

LeBron James and company can breathe easy. The Los Angeles Lakers have officially gotten rid of one of their worst mistakes in NBA history.

Lebron James Y Los Angeles Lakers They can breathe easy now. The team will once again be able to count on better salary cap capacity, because one of the worst contracts and mistakes in franchise history in the NBAis no longer officially part of the account books.

Today, despite the fact that the last season was a failure where they did not even manage to achieve the minimum and essential objective of the Playoffs, the Lakers have are a success. In 2020 they won the ring, and they still have the two main players of that championship: LeBron and Anthony Davis.

Although it is not known what will happen to the Angelenos’ future, because free agency and the transfer period are just beginning, they will be able to maneuver without the hassle and nightmare that it was to have part of the salary directed to a player who did not contribute at all. This even is already retired.

The Lakers get rid of their worst mistake

With the official start of the 2022-23 league year, the team will not have to continue dealing with the worst contract in its history for the first time in six years. This relief comes thanks to the fact that they will not have to pay more to Luol Deng. After agreeing to four years and $72 million in 2015they stretched it out when it was cut in 2018, to give the team more room.

Luol Deng. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

This, despite giving him a little more room to maneuver, does not liberate or expand the possibilities so much for a Lakers that are looking to go for Kyrie Irving. Russell Westbrook is even a bigger problem, since it monopolizes $47 million dollars salary impact.

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