LeBron and Lakers, pay attention: With this quintet Clippers would fight to be king in LA and the NBA

So far, the Los Angeles Clippers have a high-caliber starting lineup that could go toe-to-toe with other NBA organizations, including LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers.

Los Angeles Lakers put together a fearsome starting lineup in the previous season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) with Lebron James as the main protagonist. However, things did not turn out as management planned.

A nightmare was what the Los Angeles quintet lived, however, that has been left behind and now they are considering finalizing the pending accounts they have since the 2021-2022 harvest. Although, a new threat could come between their plans.

Many claim that the Lakers are the king of Los Angeles due to their history on the American courts. ButClippers wants to change that thinkingand for that has been reinforced with everything as far as Free Agency goes.

The fearsome Los Angeles Clippers quintet

The 2022 NBA Free Agency is not over, and it’s already The Los Angeles Clippers can boast of having a high caliber team, at least on paper. For this reason, we show you how the possible starting quintet of the organization would be made up.

Kawhi Leonard (Photo: Alex Goodlett | Getty Images)

The recent addition of John Wall has formed a new Big-3 alongside Kawhi Leonard and Paul Georgeto them, would be added Ivica Zubac and Reggie Jackson as holders of the California organization.

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