LeBron and Lakers concerned: Russell Westbrook’s trade for Ben Simmons has a new hurdle

Tick ​​tock, tick tock. The clock is ticking on the 2021-22 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the slow start Los angeles lakers It forces them to come back in the second half, so they need to make a trade urgently.

Rumors indicate that, if they need to transfer an important name in an agreement, that would be the base Russell Westbrook, which has not risen to the occasion. Therefore, when thinking of a way to acquire Ben Simmons, you think of Russ.

Simmons would play with his friend Lebron James and he would give them a plus in defense by being one of the best players in the league in that section. Meanwhile, Philadelphia 76ers I would get a worthy companion for Joel Embid at Westbrook, who would wreak havoc on offense.

The Westbrook-Simmons Trade Complication

However, Los Angeles fans should lower their hopes and enthusiasm about the potential trade. According to a report by Sam Amick of TheAthletic, the Sixers have “zero” interest in acquiring Westbrook in exchange for Simmons.

Ben Simmons. (Kevin C Cox/Getty Images)

“But sometimes we forget that executives are ultra-competitive in their profession too, and it’s safe to say that Daryl Morey (GM of Philly) has no interest in executing a bad deal because he feels pressure. Besides, a source says that that’s the reason the sixers have zero interest on the idea of ​​trading Simmons for Westbrook now and ease the Lakers’ concern regarding their all-star trio.”Amick said.


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