Laura Dahlmeier and the thought of a comeback race

Biathlon Olympic champion Laura Dahlmeier has already thought about a comeback for one race. But the thought of more appearances on the cross-country ski trail and at the shooting range also held her back.

“I did a lot of climbing, mountaineering, ski touring or cross-country skiing. I thought, would I still be fit? How would it be if they put a gun in my hand and I started again ?” Dahlmeier told the “Augsburger Allgemeine” in an interview about her year after retiring: “My fingers were itching, for a race I would have wanted to know it again.”

Dahlmeier ended her career in May 2019, resigning as a two-time Olympic champion and multiple world champion. Dahlmeier was just 25 years old at the time. “In the year after retiring, I just did what I wanted,” she revealed and went on to talk about the thoughts of a comeback race.

Ultimately, it was clear to her that this would not have been a realistic option. If you think the thought through, then it’s clear “that it’s not just a race. I don’t want to focus my whole life on biathlon anymore,” said the 28-year-old, who now enjoys her life as a student.

Why Dahlmeier never wants to become a national coach

Dahlmeier does not see herself as a potential national coach in biathlon either.

“I was able to do an internship at the German Ski Association for my studies and was also at a youth camp of the Biathlon World Association IBU. I really enjoyed being there for a week. But as a national coach I would be just as busy all year round out and about as an athlete,” she explained.

You either have to do something like that 100% or not at all. “I don’t want that anymore. I think it’s nice not to travel so much anymore and not to have to coordinate the whole year with the biathlon calendar,” emphasized Dahlmeier.


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