Lakers and Nets move towards a trade with Westbrook and Irving

At this point it seems like the only way out. The Lakers have been wanting to trade Russell Westbrook for months, while the Nets, hit by Kevin Durant’s trade request, know that Kyrie Irving wants to meet LeBron James wearing gold and purple. Condemned to understand each other? It seems so.

Although a transfer does not seem imminent – ​​there are many conditions to deal with – Chris B. Haynes of yahoo sports points out that both organizations are already discussing a possible agreement that would focus on base sharing; yes, from New York territory they would assure that for now it is a preliminary contact.

The reality for Brooklyn is that it looks like sooner rather than later it won’t have either of its two stars. Durant has asked to leave, and while Irving hasn’t done so, he’s pretty much in the same box. It is true that the point guard he exercised his player option, but such a move practically responds exclusively to not having another way out; so much so that he hurried until the last moment while looking for a way to leave through a sign and trade. It was impossible and he chose to take the money.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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