Kyrgios and Tsitsipas deliver a crazy scandal match

Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas fought a crazy scandal match in Wimbledon.

Kyrgios and Tsitsipas pushed the boundaries of fairness beyond recognition, spectators went wild – and referee Damien Dumusois struggled to stay in control. In a spectacular Wimbledon match between two players who had a deep dislike, Kyrgios prevailed 6: 7 (2: 7), 6: 4, 6: 3, 7: 6 (9: 7) and reached the round of 16 on Saturday evening.

The 27-year-old Australian was outraged from the start, grumbling about the line judges and shouting across the pitch. Then the scene that made him explode: After a forearm serve, Tsitsipas (23) threw the ball into the audience in frustration – and got a warning for it.

Kyrgios demanded more, he called the referee, when he made no other decision, he kept complaining. “Are you stupid?” he asked Dumusois: “You are a disgrace, you change the rules as you wish.”

Tsitsipas wants to shoot down Kyrgios

Tsitsipas reacted angrily and hit some balls brutally hard on Kyrgios’ body when he was on the net. Not the fine tennis kind at the posh All England Club. But the tournament account asked the fans on Twitter: “Don’t you feel entertained?” After hitting the ball again in the stands, Tsitsipas got a point penalty.

It was only in the fourth round that things calmed down, there was more play than discussion. After the roof was closed at 4:4, Kyrgios won the game.

The “bad boy” of the tennis scene, who was once punished by the ATP after a freak and played under probation for months, had previously caused a stir during the tournament. On his first lap, he lost his temper and spat in the direction of a spectator who allegedly insulted him.

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