Kramer threatens S04 professionals with penalty running training

Bundesliga promoted FC Schalke 04 has started preparing for the 2022/23 season under its new head coach Frank Kramer. After the first speech by the 50-year-old, it is now clear what the S04 pros will be up to in the coming months.

Time is ticking: Frank Kramer only has a few weeks to present his game idea to the FC Schalke 04 squad. After the first two friendlies (14-0 against VfB Hüls, 7-0 against TuS BW Lohne), five more games are scheduled for July before the new coach takes on July 31 in the first round of the DFB Cup against the Bremer SV makes its competitive debut.

At his official presentation at Schalke, Kramer had already announced that he prefers a running style of play. Even as a coach of Arminia Bielefeld he set this motto. As “Sport Bild” now reports, Kramer has now also prepared the Schalke pros for what exactly he wants to see in training: intensity and discipline.

In order to achieve the goal of staying in the league for the season, the new coach will train twice a day in the future. First you work on the pitch, then the Schalke pros work individually. Kramer’s announcement: Players who don’t do the desired amount of running in the first unit have to do pure running training in the second as a penalty.

FC Schalke: New penalty catalog under Frank Kramer

The former Bielefeld coach approached his players on a personal level in the first few days in Gelsenkirchen. Kramer had already had an intensive exchange with the team council around captain Danny Latza at the start of training.

In a speech to the entire team, he said, according to the sports newspaper, that the players can go to him with any problem. Since the 50-year-old spends around 15 hours at the training ground in the first few days at Schalke, the door is always open.

In contrast to his predecessor Dimitrios Grammozis, Frank Kramer has a different approach to the catalog of punishments. While there were even penalties under the German-Greek if there was rubbish lying around in the dressing room, the list of penalties under the new coach should be reduced to a few important points. In addition, Kramer entrusted the Schalke pros with creating the catalog themselves.

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