Khamzat Chimaev opens on “amazing” chance to combat UFC tale Nate Diaz

Khamzat Chimaev has actually shared his regard for UFC tale Nate Diaz as well as is significantly delighted regarding their recently-scheduled spell. The 37-year-old Diaz made his mixed martial arts launching in 2004 as well as has actually combated in the UFC given that 2007. Meanwhile, the 28-year-old Chimaev has actually contended as a specialist mixed martial arts boxer given that 2018 as well as has actually remained in the UFC given that 2020.

Nate Diaz made his main UFC launching 14 years ago today.Fighting at light-weight, Diaz beat Manny Gamburyan to win the 5th period of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

In the most up to date version of The MIXED MARTIAL ARTS Hour with Ariel Helwani, ‘Borz’ kept in mind that Diaz was currently battling in the UFC while the Swede was still in institution. Addressing his highly-anticipated match versus Diaz, Chimaev specified:

“He [Nate Diaz] said that he don’t like me, I don’t like him too… I like that guy. I grow up on him. I was in school when he was fighting in the UFC. It’s like, amazing to fight that guy.”

“And I like it, because you’ve seen that, like, in the movies. For me, UFC was like — when I was young — like a movie. I [was] never gonna get there… Now, I fight with [those guys] I was watching – American, like, guys from Chechnya, Russia. Now, I’m fighting with them, yeah.”

Watch Khamzat Chimaev talk about the subject at 2:05 in the video clip listed below:


Laura Sanko talks about the “lamb to slaughter” narrative in advance of Khamzat Chimaev vs. Nate Diaz battle

The unbeaten Khamzat Chimaev presently holds the No.3 place in the UFC welterweight positions. Chimaev will certainly encounter the unranked Nate Diaz in a five-round welterweight spell that is readied to heading UFC 279 on September 10th.

The Chimaev match will certainly note the last battle on Diaz’s present UFC agreement. Diaz has actually constantly kept that he does not mean to right away re-sign with the UFC, although he may go back to the company one day.

Many think that Nate Diaz’s persistence off duty the UFC has actually led the promo to deliberately schedule him versus a fumbling professional likeKhamzat Chimaev The agreement is that Diaz has actually traditionally resisted elite wrestlers, as well as a discriminatory loss versus Chimaev would certainly damage Diaz’s brand name worth.

In a current meeting with Sportskeeda MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, UFC analyst Laura Sanko rejected this story. Noting that over the previous numerous months both Diaz as well as Chimaev have actually wished to deal with each other, Sanko claimed:

“So, that leads me to believe that it was money that was not allowing it to get done. Whatever got figured out with the money side of things. But in terms of this idea that the UFC is forcing Nate to take this fight and they’re sending this lamb to slaughter… That’s not how this is at all.”

Watch Laura Sanko’s meeting listed below:


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