Kevin Durant: The unexpected ‘most coveted’ player for the NBA 22-23

If you could take Kevin Durant to your team in National Basketball Association (NBA), Would you do it? Probably, this question is asked internally by more than one manager in the best basketball in the world due to the latest rumors about the 7 jersey.

Actually in Brooklyn Nets, many comments have arisen regarding a possible exit if Kyrie Irving ends up leaving of the New York institution. It should be noted that nothing has been confirmed so far, it is only one or another report.

Precisely, two of those reports can lead the way so that ‘KD’ becomes, without a doubt, the most coveted player of the 2022-2023 NBA seasondue to his incredible talent, prestige and accumulated experience in the league.

Going for Kevin Durant?

Before advancing in this section it is necessary to clarify why Kevin Durant could become available. According to Shams Chanariarenowned NBA insider, ‘KD’ monitors the situation of the Brooklyn Nets to consider his future due to what happens with Kyrie Irving.

On the other hand, ESPN journalist Zach Lowe stated the following about Durant through his podcast: “Teams are getting ready. If Durant is available in the next few weeks there will be teams ready to take on his contract. The entire league is watching KD.”

Kevin Durant (Photo: Jacob Kupferman | Getty Images)

In this way, jersey 7 could be the most wanted in the NBA for the 2022-2023 season, or on the contrary continue to be the benchmark for the Nets, although everything seems to indicate that his future will depend on what Kyrie Irving decides.

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