Kevin Durant revealed how his relationship with Draymond Green is after the discussion by Stephen Curry

When Kevin Durant decided to leave Golden State Warriors in the 2018-19 NBA season, the strong argument he had with Draymond Green in 2018 during a game against Los Angeles Clippers It began to be one of the arguments to install the narrative that KD did not leave the Dubs in the best way.

Durant and Green clarified the discussion that almost ended in blows, but a year later, they disagreed again. On this occasion, Stephen Curry was the topic of discussion that led KD to write a strong message: “From my point of view, this is 100% false.”

Before the Golden State Warriors became the 2022 NBA champion, there was the spicy crossover that on Twitter between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green. And it didn’t stop there! In the Finals, the figure of the Dubs once again emphasized that the San Francisco team’s offense passed, passed and it will happen first with Curry. Even in the times that KD was in the franchise.

Durant didn’t mince words and on the ETCs podcast, from the YouTube channel Boardroom, he made it clear how is your relationship with Green after the discussion by Stephen Curry in the NBA 2022. Are they no longer friends? KD passed sentence.

Durant revealed what his relationship with Green is like after the argument over Curry

“It is not about attacking the other. If I have a problem with someone, I handle it easily and we talk about it. Draymond and I don’t have a real problem, we may disagree on a number of things. It’s not the point that the relationship has fallen, I don’t feel that way. With that argument and the fight (2018 vs. Clippers) some shit came into the relationship, but before we were united. We were brothers. After that, people thought there was some tension, but no…We kept playing together, we won another championship. We play the Olympics. They’re just disagreements.” revealed Kevin Durant on the ETCs podcast on the Boardroom YouTube channel.

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