Kevin Durant on why he won’t make it to Toronto Raptors: Scottie Barnes ‘untradeable’

Although he was one of the “real” interested parties seeking the signing of the forward, the request from the Brooklyn Nets to have the power forward broke the plans.

Within all the soap opera that exists around the future ofKevin Durant for the next seasonNational Basketball Association (NBA)it became known that one of the teams “really” interested in signing the forward wouldToronto Raptorsover other options.

In fact, the insiderAdrian Wojnarowskiof the chainESPNstated that the Canadian franchise “has the economic capacity to pay the current contract” withBrooklyn Netsfor four seasons with a salary of$194 million dollars.

The issue is that in the conversations that both franchises have had during the negotiation for Durant, as revealedBleacher Reportis that one of the players that the current team take to his ranks is the Raptors power forward,Scotty Barnes.

Raptors rule out arrival of Kevin Durant for this reason

However, this request by the Nets to take the lastRookie of the Yearinside of thepackageto carry out the exchange,threw away the whole conversation,since for Canadians, this player isuntransferablenot so other names likePascal Siakam, OG Anunoby or Fred VanVleet.

That’s the way it is,phoenix suns, Miami Heat Y Golden State Warriors take advantage of the talks with Brooklyn to get the services of Durant, who sinceThe big Appleanticipate that it would be“Largest exchange in history”of the NBA.

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