Kevin Durant, attentive: Kyrie Irving’s response when asked if he wants to stay in Brooklyn Nets

The debacle of Brooklyn Nets in recent months has to be one of the worst in franchise history. The team went from having one of the scariest duos in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in Kevin Durant Y Kyrie Irvingto possibly run out of both.

This would not be all for the Nets, since on top of that, to get james hardenwhom they would later trade last season for Ben Simmonsthey had to mortgage their future in the medium term and their first picks of the next drafts belong to Houston Rockets.

So Irving’s wanting to leave comes at a bad time. Because in addition to not having weapons for the future, his departure would cause, according to reports, that Durant also ask for a trade. And although you can decide where to send it, they must fulfill your wish.

Video: Kyrie Irving answers if he wants to stay on the Nets

However, there is something very certain in all this, and that is that the point guard never personally expressed his desire to leave. Today, asked if he still wanted to be a Brooklyn Net. His response was as ambiguous as his intentions in recent months.

The first thing he did was point to the person next to him with a smile. Later he started laughing and said: “Pass it to the right”. Essentially omitted the question. Later, in an Instagram comment, she clarified, “Welcome to ‘New Media.’ When I smile like that, it means there’s more to the story. I’ll have time to clear things up.

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