Jusuf Nurkic hopes to stay with the Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers have been the talk of the NBA for months. In all corners there is talk of a broken project of which not even the pointer will remain. But in all of these doomsday predictions, or most of them, the affiliation that the players of that organization have with the city and the club itself is ignored. Lillard has built a culture around itself that embraces each of the individuals that make it up as a member of a large family. And Jusuf Nurkic is one of the patriarchs of it. Since his first day in Oregon, the Bosnian center has felt Portland as his home, and his idea is that it remains so.

Every day closer to February 10 that can change everything in the franchise, Nurkic wanted to talk about his short-term expectations. In a report granted to The Athletic, the player assures that something in his gut tells him that he will not be transferred in this market. His contract expires next July, making him an unrestricted free agent. However, his goal is to remain linked to the franchise. Nurkic thinks the mission he came to the Blazers with isn’t over yet.

The Bosnian accompanies these wishes by saying that this is his best season on an individual level “by far”. Affirmation that could be legitimized by the numbers, although not by the sensations. The decreasing weight of him in the good work of the group (almost non-existent) pushes him into an unknown insignificance since his arrival in Portland. What’s more, his strong performance in January makes him one of the favorites to leave if the Blazers are looking to get something valuable in return. Next to him, Robert Covington is the name that is being considered the most, followed by McCollum and Powell.

(Cover photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

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