Jürgen Kohler warns BVB about Erling Haaland

Jürgen Kohler sees a serious danger for Borussia Dortmund in the ongoing issue of Erling Haaland. The BVB icon also expects the Norwegian top striker to leave.

With his sensational interview after BVB’s 5-1 thrashing of SC Freiburg on Friday, Haaland “caused a lot of excitement,” Kohler stated in a “kicker” column. “After these statements and the reaction of Hans-Joachim Watzke, I reckon that the Norwegian will be gone in the summer. As a player, you only say something like that when your decision has already been made.”

Haaland attacked the BVB bosses immediately after the game. “The club are trying to put pressure on me, urging me to make a decision. I really just want to play football, but they’re pushing me to make a decision about my future,” the 21-year-old told Norwegian TV channel Viaplay. .

“We’re not putting Erling under pressure at all. There are currently no talks or appointments, so I can’t understand it,” club boss Watzke reacted to the statements in an interview with the newspapers of the “Funke Mediengruppe”.

“BVB fans sensitive and sensitive”

Haaland has “a lot to lose” in the current situation, Kohler explained. “BVB fans are sensitive and sensitive, if you alienate them it will be difficult – no matter how many goals you score.” Kohler says he doesn’t know the details of the goalscorer’s contract, but he basically thinks: “Travellers shouldn’t be held up, everyone is replaceable.”

The Dortmund football god warned: “The longer the topic simmers, the more it could concern the Dortmund team – especially if games are lost.”

“Exciting” is the question of where Haaland will lace up his football boots in the future, Kohler added. “I think he would be in better hands in Spain than in England. He needs space and freedom for his game, which he rarely gets in the tough, fast Premier League. But are the top Spanish clubs Real or Barca able to beat Haaland -Pay transfer?”

FC Bayern, BVB and then nothing for a long time? Jürgen Kohler sees “problem”

With a view to the Bundesliga, Kohler painted a gloomy picture in his article for the specialist magazine: “The pandemic also has sport under control, due to an infection or isolation, many professionals are out of rhythm, plus the (almost) empty stadiums. I envy them boys not to have to play under these circumstances.”

The 56-year-old complained that the quality in the top German division had “decreased overall”.

“There are hardly any outstanding difference players and too much uniformity” – according to Kohler a “problem” for the league. “Without Bayern – and to a lesser extent BVB – German football would look very bad in international comparison,” summed up the 1990 world champion.


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