Julius Randle apologizes for his behavior with the fans

After signing the undisputed best season of his career, Julius Randle seemed to have soured his character seeing that things did not go as he would like. A few days ago he declared his dissatisfaction with the criticism that he and the team were receiving. Which culminated in a disapproving gesture to Madison Square Garden fans during the agonizing victory over the Boston Celtics. Having rested the spirits, Randle wanted to apologize. “My comments are an example of how sometimes you say things you regret to people you love” the player said through an Instagram post.

Randle intended to put the bickering behind him now that the sensations have calmed the waters a bit. «I love New York and being a part of this franchise. Like most Knicks fans, I’m very passionate when our success is at stake. ” New Yorkers continue to post a negative record (20-21) that has them in a disappointing 11th place. However, more and more green shoots emerge with the improvement of Barret and Randle himself in recent encounters. In fact, although they have lost four more games, they accumulate the same victories as the Toronto Raptors in seventh place. Equality allows them to hold on to a possible hot streak that will quickly get them out of their current situation.

However, these apologies bare the first complaints of the player. In the contradictory statements, he said to ignore the noisy environment of the franchise regarding the performance of the team to settle with a vehement “Shut up!” As if it wasn’t obvious, Randle’s pardon makes it clear that he is well aware of criticism and no Knicks player wants to be an enemy of the Madison crowd.

(Cover photo by Al Bello / Getty Images)

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