Julio Urías is the most dominant starter in MLB for a year: Numbers that matter

As announced by the Major Leagues, Mexican pride has achieved an important comeback in the current season that, added to what was done in 2021, puts it ahead of everyone.

After an unforgettable start to the 2022 season, the MexicanJulius Uriah has managed to reverse its numbers in theMajor League Baseball (MLB) and has given a hand toLos Angeles Dodgers to become the best team in the National League today.

The last start made by the pride of Culiacán, Sinaloa, was last Monday, July 4, in a 5-3 victory againstColorado Rockiesin theDodger Stadiumwhere he participated for six innings, allowing one run and five hits, butmaking seven strikeoutsand delivering apassport.

In this way,Urías added his fourth consecutive victory as a starter in MLB 2022going from having a negative record of three wins and six losses, to apositive mark of seven wins and six fallsreaching a percentage of .538, for the first time in the campaign.


The data that makes Urías the most dominant pitcher in MLB

But not satisfied with all of the above, according to official Major League statistics,theCulichiHe is the most dominant starting pitcher in the Majors., from July 1, 2021 to date, with an ERA of 2.25 in 180 innings of labor, that is, the best ERA index among allpitchersof the competition.

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Adding what was done in MLB 2021 with what is current,Urías has a record of 27 wins and nine losseswith a winning percentage of 75 percent, and achieving278strikeouts.Data, not opinions. Mexico is very well represented.


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