Julian Nagelsmann feels “pressure” at Bayern

Coach Julian Nagelsmann sees the pressure to succeed as part of the identity at Bayern Munich. According to his own statement, defeats weigh heavily on him.

“When you’re head coach at FC Bayern, you always have to win, every game. And you have to win titles. We have to radiate the ‘mia san mia’. That’s our identity, on and off the pitch. We want to inspire the fans.” , said the 34-year-old in an interview on the club website.

Nagelsmann added: “FC Bayern is about being as perfect as possible. You can only keep improving if you have this aspiration and this approach – it doesn’t matter if you know that you can never really achieve perfection.”

FC Bayern: “Pressure and a bit of nervousness help you”

Nagelsmann does not see this claim of the German soccer record champion as a problem – on the contrary.

“Pressure and a bit of nervousness help you give your best and stay focused. I always feel pressure because of the fans because they all want to go home happy after the game. I love the feeling of healthy pressure. I love coaching games under pressure,” said the successful coach, who switched from RB Leipzig to FC Bayern in the summer of 2021 for a transfer fee of more than 20 million euros.

Nagelsmann personally struggles with the (rare) defeats with his new team, as he admitted in the interview: “If you win a game at Bayern, the victory often only counts for an hour for a coach, then you look ahead. Players can enjoy a little longer. After wins, the team celebrates with the fans, this moment belongs to the players. And when we lose a game, shame is the right word for me: Yes, I’m ashamed: If the preparation was good enough, it was Plan good enough? It’s a really uncomfortable feeling.”

“Everyone knows what FC Bayern stands for”

According to Nagelsmann, FC Bayern’s winning mentality is also based on the club’s enormously rich history of success.

“The enormous tradition of the club and its history oblige. Anyone who looks at the past knows that you have to win titles in the future: never forget where you come from! The responsibility that comes from this history is also an important component when you are looking for new players. Everyone knows what FC Bayern stands for,” explained the native of Upper Bavaria.


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