Jost Capito doesn’t care about Hamilton’s future

Does Lewis Hamilton continue or does the record champion hit the sack? This question drives the whole Formula 1. The whole Formula 1? No! Williams team boss Jost Capito is the jacket like pants.

“I don’t care, I don’t really care if he drives or not,” said Capito in an interview with “RTL / ntv”.

The winter theme – really totally wumpe? “It doesn’t matter at all, really doesn’t matter. It’s always said that there aren’t enough places for young drivers and then I think if someone has been world champion seven times, he’s actually done enough and could make room for a boy, why not? “

Capito would ‘grudge’ Russell victory over Hamilton

For one reason, however, Capito hopes that Sir Lewis will climb into the Mercedes in 2022 and step on the gas. “As far as I’m concerned,” Hamilton should continue, otherwise “it would be bad for George (Russell, editor’s note), because then he couldn’t beat him and I think he would like to beat him. I would do that to George treat yourself,” said Capito, looking at his ex-pilot.

And the Williams boss has a lot of confidence in the coming season with the Silver Arrows. The Briton has “absolutely” world champion potential, is “no longer a rough diamond, but a partially cut diamond.” Nevertheless, Russell is still “a bit removed from the potential he can have, he can certainly develop and improve again at Mercedes.”

Formula 1: Russell’s nerves don’t flutter

He trusts the 23-year-old to drive at Mercedes at eye level with Hamilton, so Capito. “Also from his strong nerves, that he doesn’t let himself be impressed, even if he wasn’t at the same level at the beginning of the season.” Russell is “nervously so strong that he develops, grows with the challenge and does not break.”

Russell has the advantage that Mercedes is “not really” a new team for him, “he’s been a Mercedes driver for years,” Capito noted. “He’s also someone who’s very good at the simulator and uses it very well to develop. And he’s been in the Mercedes simulator for a while now too. He doesn’t get in the car and it’s completely new to him, he will have driven thousands of kilometers in this car in the simulator.”

Russell is also preparing “so meticulously” in terms of fitness for his first Mercedes season. “I think when he gets in the car for the first time, he’s absolutely great.” That will also be a challenge for Hamilton, Capito is sure. “He can’t sit down and say, ‘I’m sure I can beat him from the start’.” Following the Mercedes duel – should Hamilton continue – “will certainly be exciting”.

Russell very different from Verstappen

Russell has a “completely different character” than world champion Max Verstappen, said the Williams team boss. But he doesn’t have to. “In Formula 1 you don’t need the same character to be fast. I think he can fight with Max Verstappen, I’m sure of that.”

Verstappen vs Hamilton vs Russell – the 2022 F1 season could offer a hot three-way battle.


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