Josef Martinez rules out leaving MLS: ‘I want to retire at Atlanta United’

Since your arrival at the Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2017, the Venezuelan Josef Martinez has become one of the most decorated forwards in the history of the United States league, always commanding Atlanta United, team in which you would like to finish your career.

This was recognized in conversation with The Athletic, where he stated that the only time he was close to asking for his departure from the Georgia franchise was in 2021, after the public conflict he had with the Argentine coach Gabriel Heinze, and that resulted in the dismissal of the technician.

Although the 28-year-old Martinez’s intention is to continue with Atlanta United for the remainder of his career as a footballer, made it clear that it will put a condition to renew its link for MLS 2022, which is related to the economic aspect.

Josef Martínez clarifies his future: Will he continue in MLS?

I don’t want to go to another team and start from scratch. Never say never but If it were up to me, I would choose Atlanta a thousand times more. This is my home. I’ve said it many times, nobody feels what I feel for this club, started by pointing out the historic goalscorer of the Georgia squad, adding that “obviously I want to hang up my boots in Atlanta. But I won’t play for free, Everybody knows”.

Regarding what he asks to stay in Atlanta, Martínez complemented that “obviously I’d like to be the highest paid striker in the league, but I don’t want $ 50 million for a year. I only want a salary improvement and above all, what guarantee me those additional years of contract. You can’t give your work away. I want to renew my contract and finish my degree here.

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