Jordan Chose Him: LaMelo Ball Joins LeBron James, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant in NBA Record

When Charlotte Hornets decided to select LaMelo Ball with the third pick in the Draft National Basketball Association (NBA) of 2020, little did they know how quickly he would rise to the star status he has already achieved in the league.

And it is that it was a great success of the franchise, the first that generated so much impact both in the team and in the NBA in general. He raised the level of his teammates and made Charlotte relevant again. Much is due to the confidence that the owner put in him, which is nothing more and nothing less than Michael Jordan.

Last year, the youngest of the Ball brothers had already started to make noise when he won the Rookie of the Year award for the season. This year, he raised his bar even higher and earned a berth in the All-Star Game as a reservereplacing the injured Kevin Durant.

LaMelo Ball on a record with LeBron, Kobe and Magic

With his selection to the All-Star, LaMelo managed to make history, as he will be the fourth youngest player in NBA history to be part of the All-Star Game. And he does it by teaming up with legendary names like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James Y magic johnsonwhich are above it:

Youngest All-Stars in NBA history:

1. Kobe Bryant – 19 years, 169 days

2. LeBron James – 20 years, 52 days

3. Magic Johnson – 20 years, 173 days

4. LaMelo Ball – 20 years, 182 days

5. Zion Williamson – 20 years, 244 days


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