Johannes Ludwig celebrates overall World Cup victory in German Sweep

Luger Johannes Ludwig has reported back and, three weeks before the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing, has clinched his fifth win of the season. The Olympic bronze medalist and sovereign World Cup leader led a German triple triumph on his home track in Oberhof with a track record ahead of Max Langenhan (Friedrichroda/+0.304 seconds) and the former dominator Felix Loch (Berchtesgaden/+0.316).

“It really went like clockwork today. There are days when a lot of things work out. All in all it was really nice,” said Ludwig, who missed the podium last weekend in Sigulda, Latvia: “I felt really comfortable on the track, it was really good fun.”

Record world champion Loch (32), whose form curve continues to show improvement after a difficult season in Oberhof, finished second in Sigulda. At the start, Loch had convinced with two second places on the Olympic track near Beijing and in Sochi, after that the three-time Olympic champion did not make it onto the podium anymore. In December, a corona infection also caused a forced break.

“It was a great day”

“It was a great day. At the moment I’m really happy to be on the top of the podium. Especially after my corona infection,” said Loch: “Hansi did a really great run twice today and deserved to win.” Chris Eissler (Zwickau) finished tenth in Oberhof on Saturday, David Noessler (Oberhof) finished his World Cup debut on his home track in an impressive 13th place.

There is one last World Cup station on the racing calendar before the Winter Games in Beijing (February 4th to 20th): the dress rehearsal for the Olympics will take place next weekend in St. Moritz (January 22nd/23rd).


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