Joe Rogan programs Theo Von surprising Chinese ‘reproduction of Paris’

Joe Rogan shocked Theo Von by revealing his podcast visitor a Chinese reproduction of the city of Paris.

During their vibrant conversation, the comic shared problems regarding China’s capacity to “steal” various other nations’ “intellectual property” as well as “creative pursuits.”

Stressing exactly how great China goes to replicating ideas from worldwide, Rogan raised the presence of the French funding’s reproduction, which lies in the nation’s Zhejiang Province.

“Other countries have totally different rules in terms of what you can get away with and what you can’t and China’s rules are wild,” Rogan informed Von throughout episode 1847 of his podcast. “You know, they have versions of world cities that they’ve built replicas of in China. They have a version of Paris. Have you seen that?”

Rogan continued to advise his manufacturer to Google search side-by-side contrasts in between Paris as well as its fake Chinese equivalent. Amazed, the UFC analyst claimed:

“It’s a huge replica of Paris. Like they literally reproduced Paris.”

Check out Joe Rogan’s remarks in the video clip listed below:


Known as the “Paris of the East,” Tianducheng is a high-end property advancement that was developed to appear like Europe’s “City of Lights.” The city flaunts a 354-foot replica of the famous Eiffel Tower in addition to duplicates of numerous marquee structures discovered in Paris.

Joe Rogan goes over exactly how China utilizes innovation to snoop on individuals

During his discussion with Theo Von, the host of the Joe Rogan Experience likewise shared his issue regarding China’s capacity to mine information utilizing TikTok.

This isn’t the very first time Rogan has actually talked about China’s capacity to execute reconnaissance on individuals from various components of the globe. During a 2019 episode of his Spotify- unique program, the UFC analyst talked with previous Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) representative Mike Baker, that clarified why Chinese- possessed brand name Huawei presents a hazard to information personal privacy:

“Huawei has been caught out. They’ve been caught out in Europe to the degree where to a certain point, you think Germany and others that are deeply involved with Huawei now in terms of the 5G infrastructure… They just made this decision, ‘Look it’s financially better for us to work with Huawei and we can set aside the security risk.’ They literally made that decision.”

Watch the clip listed below:


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