Joe Harris’ rehab is going slower than expected

Joe Harris’ recovery isn’t going as well as the Nets anticipated. The forward, who underwent surgery at the end of November to repair an injury to his left ankle, has not yet been authorized to return to training without restrictions and, as confirmed by Steve Nash, the initial deadlines for his return will not be met .

«Yes, I think his recovery is being more complicated than we thought. But if we know anything about Joe it is that he will do everything he can to get back as soon as he can.” head coach from Brooklyn.

At first the New York franchise and the player chose to be conservative. Rather than have surgery, Harris sat out six games to see if the problem was getting better. It was not like that and finally the joint had to be intervened. At that time, a period of 1-2 months was given to return. At this time, a month and a half has passed and it still seems far from returning.

While he was recovering, in mid-November the rumor of a possible transfer emerged. The information was transmitted by The Bleacher Report, but so far it has had little travel. Harris has this year and two more left on his contract for a total of $56 million.

(Photograph by Al Bello/Getty Images)

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