Jaxson Hayes faces 12 potential charges stemming from his arrest

In July 2021 Jasxon Hayes was arrested in Los Angeles for an episode of alleged domestic violence. The police had gone to his residence after receiving a call from the then girlfriend of the 21-year-old. In their statement, the police officers reported that the New Orleans Pelicans player waited for them on the front lawn of the home, preventing them from entering it. The agents immobilized Hayes, who resisted until receiving a shock from a stun gun for which there is audiovisual evidence. On January 20, the justice established the twelve charges that Hayes will have to face, and yesterday it became official.

Among the crimes attributed to him, those related to domestic violence, insubordination or vandalism stand out. The Pelicans have quickly reported that they will continue to deal with the situation as they have been doing. In the most discreet way possible and facilitating the task of the authorities.

In turn, the Los Angeles Police Investigation Division is trying to determine whether the officers’ actions were caused by excessive use of force. Hayes has played 33 games so far this season and there is still no set date for any trial.

(Cover photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

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