James Harden and the best-priced free agents in the NBA Offseason 2022

Nothing remains. Starting Thursday, June 30, the National Basketball Association (NBA) will officially open off-seasonwith the start of the free agencya space where the 30 teams will be able to add additions for next season, and where there are highly valued names.

In this instance, players who do not have a current contract, or are in their last year of agreement, either as a restricted free agent or with options, will be able to start negotiating with the franchises thinking about the upcoming contestwhose operations may be made official as of Wednesday, July 6.

In this line, there is a significant number of stars that in this NBA offseason are without a team and could change cities for the next season, of which We review the five most quoted on the marketwhich we review in Bolavip.

The best-priced free agents in the NBA Offseason 2022

5. Jalen Brunson

Jalen Brunson played in the Western Finals with the Dallas Mavericks (Getty Images)

Although he started last season as a substitute, it was on the way to the Playoffs where he showed his true potential, being the X Factor Dallas Mavericks, which reached the Western Conference Finals. There is a team New York Knickswilling to pay more than $100 million dollars to sign it. He is an unrestricted free agent.

4.- Zach LaVine

zach lavine

Zach LaVine played Playoffs with Chicago Bulls (Getty Images)

After having reached the NBA Postseason with chicago bulls After five years, the shooting guard is an unrestricted free agent, and while his last team wants to keep him, he would like to play on a contender team. The chance is simple. If you continue on The city of windsthey will give you a maximum contract for $212 millionif he leaves, the most he can hope for is to $157 million.

3.- DeAndre Ayton

Deandre Ayton

DeAndre Ayton, number 1 in the 2018 Draft (Getty Images)

Chosen number 1 in the 2018 Draft, and despite having reached the Finals in 2021 with phoenix sunshis team is not convinced to give him the maximum contract he asks for, and is only willing to offer a qualified by $31 million dollars for his fifth year. The reality is that no team wants to give him the deal he asks for. Will you lower your claims?

two.- james harden

james hardens

James Harden passed in 2022 from Brooklyn Nets to Philadelphia 76ers (Getty Images)

He is one of the few players who has player option and depends on himself to define his future, which after having been transferred from Brooklyn Nets by the australian Ben Simmonsseems to indicate that it will continue in Philadelphia 76ersbut if you don’t tell him, he’ll be a free agent. Is there any team capable of paying him $47 million?

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1.- Miles Bridges

thousands bridges

Miles Bridges, one of the figures of Charlotte Hornets (Getty Images)

At the beginning of last season, he turned down a four-year offer and $60 million dollars of salary, because he wants a maximum contract, the issue is that Michael Jordan he doesn’t want to give it to himwith the risk of starting from Charlotte Hornets and equipment like Detroit Pistonsthey could give you that long-awaited link.

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