Ja Morant calls a kid in a Warriors jersey ‘disrespectful’

In a tremendous victory memphis grizzlies in view of Golden State Warriors, where they managed to maintain a tremendous streak in the NBA, Ja Morant besides being the star of his team against Stephen Curry and company, experienced a strange situation with a little boy who was wearing the rival’s shirt.

The process of the meeting was extremely even, closed until the end. GSW featured the second game of Klay Thompson and with a Curry that still hasn’t found his best level. The one who was present and left everyone speechless was Morant.

Ja was as explosive as in the whole season: 25 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists for the young point guard who will undoubtedly be in this year’s All-Star Game. Toward the end of the game, however, he had a run-in with a fan wearing a Warriors jersey. The curiosity is that… He was just a child!

Ja Morant vs. Warriors fan

In a tremendous layup by Morant in the final seconds that defined the match, Morant went to celebrate it with the home crowd, but was stared at a guy in a Golden State shirt asking for a high five. Although at the time it seemed like a bad attitude, the player had the chance to explain it after the game.

It was disrespectful to have that shirt on. We are in Memphis. He looked like he wanted to cheer, but he had that shirt on. I apologize but at that moment, take off your shirt and then say hello to me. Somebody pass me your information and I’ll send you a (t-shirt) myselfsaid Ja, making it clear that it was not malicious.


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