It’s not the Lakers: Draymond Green revealed the only team that can be a problem for the Warriors

Draymond Green believes that, although they are the great candidates to continue winning the NBA, there is only one franchise that could complicate them.

It is clear that the team to beat in the NBA today are the Golden State Warriors. They showed again that they are a dynasty by winning the 2022 Finals and thus obtaining their fourth ring in eight seasons. Draymond Greenat least, he thinks they are almost invincible.

Stephen Curry’s partner came out to speak after being champion, and absolutely nothing was saved. among so many things, stated they will win 3 of the next four championships. Furthermore, he named three teams as threats to Golden State.

While he named Dallas Mavericks Y memphis grizzlies as teams that are a threat, with their very talented young stars in Luke Doncic Y ha Morant respectively, only one franchise represents a real problem, and they are not The Angels Lakers.

The Golden State Warriors problem

During his appearance on the podcast‘The Old Man & The Three’from former player JJ Redick, Draymond explained why he thinks the great team that could beat the Warriors are Los Angeles Clippers. The franchise has, on paper, one of the best rosters in the NBA.

Ty Lue is possibly one of the best coaches in the NBA, perhaps the best. And also They have great players. Kawhi LeonardPaul Georgethe players who are surrounding them; Robert Covington YNorman Powell. They already hadMarcus Morris Already Reggie Jackson. They are a real threat and a problem.”Green explained.

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