“It was difficult to help him”

Former soccer world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger was affected by the illness of his former Bayern team-mate Sebastian Deisler.

It was “bad” back then, said Schweinsteiger (37) in an interview with the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” learned. “

Deisler used to be a national player and was considered a future superstar. Due to a depression, he ended his career in January 2007 when he was still a professional at Bayern, at the age of only 27. “It hurt my heart because he was my teammate and you saw how much he loved playing football. But he couldn’t do it anymore and it was difficult to help him.”

When asked whether he had talked to Deisler about it, Schweinsteiger replied: “I was still young, I couldn’t be his soul-provider, that was Uli Hoeneß.”

Schweinsteiger sees “no dark sides” in his own life, as he said. “The darkest moment of my life was when we and Bayern Munich lost the Champions League final to Chelsea in 2012 at home in Munich.”


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