Is the Golden State Warriors locker room broken?: Draymond Green apologized to Stephen Curry

One of the sports premises that very rarely fails in the world of sports is the success of a team if it manages to form a group of players so united that it would seem like a family. Golden State Warriors is an example of this, but as happens in families, there was a problem that had Stephen Curry and Draymond Green as protagonists.

The Warriors are going through a solid season that has them fighting at the top of the Western Conference and, despite Green’s injury absence since Sunday, January 9, 2022, Curry, Klay Thompson and company establish themselves as a serious candidate to reach the Finals NBA.

Fans and NBA experts recognized the good level of the Golden State Warriors and chose Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins What starters for the 2022 All-Star Game. Boom! The San Francisco team players’ chat exploded.

Warriors players began congratulating Wiggins on the first All-Star selection he receives in the NBA and they forgot to also recognize what was done by Stephen Curry. Andre Iguodala was the first to admit what happened and, despite the fact that many wanted to apologize, the damage was done. Draymond Green recognized it.

Draymond Green apologized to Stephen Curry for not congratulating him on being an NBA All-Star

“I just didn’t say, ‘Congratulations, Steph, on also being an All-Star starter.’… I did that on purpose, but I didn’t do it on purpose in our team group chat. Wow, my fault, (number) 30. I really apologize bro. congratulations (…) I felt extremely bad about it. I spent the rest of the day apologizing through text messages And then I went to the gym the next day and saw it and apologized again.”confessed Dramond Green.


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