Is the ‘Big-3’ over with Irving and Durant?: Steve Nash reveals if Brooklyn Nets wants to get rid of James Harden

When the trade deadline approaches in the season NBA The thousand and one rumors begin to revolutionize the world of the best basketball in the world and for the 2021-22 season a bomb arrived with an alleged exchange that Brooklyn Nets would be willing to do to get rid of James Harden. doKyrie Irving and Kevin Durant they worry?

Between injuries, personal decisions and absences due to covid-19 protocols, the ‘Big-3’ of the Nets has only been able to play 16 games out of 113 possible and when it seemed that the titles would come with the arrival of Harden, Irving and Durant would be close to losing ‘The beard’ for a possible trade with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Press releases installed the version that james harden he wouldn’t feel like he had an important role in the Brooklyn Nets and against refusal to sign a contract extension At the start of the 2021-22 NBA season, the trade deadline (February 10 at 3:00 p.m. ET) seems to open a door for ‘The beard’ stop being a partner of Durant, Irving and company.

What do they think of the Nets? Kevin Durant He came out to support Harden and does not want him to leave because he believes they have a great chance of winning several NBA titles. Steve Nash did not stay behind and revealed if Brooklyn wants to get out of James in a trade.

Nash reveals if Brooklyn Nets want to get out of James Harden in NBA trade

“Nerd. I’ve talked to James, he wants to be here. He also wants to be here for the long term. So I don’t think anything has changed other than the noise from outside. James wants to be here, we are building with James and we think we have the best chance to win with James.. So I don’t think anything has changed inside, in our locker room, in our communication. It’s all the noise from outside.”said Steve Nash, coach of Brooklyn Nets.


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