Is Stephen Curry excited? The call the Warriors made to the Nets over the Kevin Durant trade

After Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, the call the Golden State Warriors made to inquire about KD was revealed. Is Stephen Curry excited?

The days go by and Kevin Durant still without defining the immediate future that will have in the season NBA 2022-23 after asking for a trade Brooklyn Nets to exit the team. While time runs its course, Golden State Warriors starting to emerge as the best destination for KD according to a league analyst.

When news broke that Durant was available in the 2022-23 offseason, half of the teams in the NBA He called to ask about KD according to ESPN’s Marc J. Spears. The Warriors, Although they surprised many fans, they were one of these teams.

Spears granted an interview to the KNBR portal and gave all the details of the possibility that she would have Golden State Warriors to make an exchange that ends in the return of Kevin Durant to the Dubs. There was a call to the Brooklyn Nets!

“A call is a call, and that’s what[Warriors GM]Bob Myers does all the time. So I think people shouldn’t put the cart before the horse, but there was a phone call, Marc J. Spears said about what Golden State did when they found out about the exchange request for during.

The call the Warriors made to the Nets over the Kevin Durant trade

After confirming the call made by the Golden State Warriors to the Brooklyn Nets for Kevin Durant, Marc J. Spears concluded his analysis of the possible return of KD to the Dubs with a strong message: the team led by Stephen Curry has the best assets to do the bomb trade of the NBA 2022-23.

“I think the most realistic places are where he wants to be and where the Nets would get the best value. That’s why if you heard what I said before I said ‘Just watch the Warriors’. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but they have the best assets. They don’t have the best assets in the Draft, but in terms of young talent, in terms of having an All-Star, a future All-Star, potential players, you know, that’s what the Nets are looking for.” .


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