Is Robert Lewandowski on strike? Insider speaks out

Robert Lewandowski absolutely wants to leave FC Bayern this summer, that’s no longer a secret. But the Munich bosses emphatically refuse the world footballer’s premature departure in the direction of FC Barcelona. So could the Pole possibly even go on strike? An insider has a clear bias.

Robert Lewandowski has been playing for FC Bayern since 2014. The Polish national player has won everything there is to win with Munich. It is therefore hardly surprising that the attacker, who will be 34 in August, wants to change his career again in the autumn and switch to FC Barcelona, ​​who in turn are interested in the striker.

However, the world footballer still has a contract with the German serial champions until 2023. And the Bayern bosses are not even thinking of letting Lewandowski go before that, although the 33-year-old has publicly substantiated his wish to leave several times. So, in the end, does Lewandowski even go on strike? The Polish sports journalist Pawel Wilkowicz, who wrote his biography “Robert Lewandowski: My True Story” together with the world footballer, does not believe in it.

“Subconsciously I rule out this option. I can’t imagine a striking Robert because I think it’s important for him to be able to claim to have acted correctly,” said Wilkowicz on “Sport 1”.

So far, Lewandowski has always “made the right decisions,” the attacker’s compatriot continued. “Both sides owe each other a lot, it doesn’t make sense to destroy that with something like that.”

“Lewandowski does not stoop to Dembélé’s level”

Wilkowicz does not believe that Lewandowski will behave like Ousmane Dembélé, who went on strike from Borussia Dortmund in 2017. “I can’t imagine that he would want to stoop to Dembélé’s level. The two have never been at the same level when it comes to that, so why give it up so easily?” said the 43-year-old.

If FC Bayern’s “Basta” actually means that Lewandowski has to stay another season, the biographer believes that there will be no problems despite the differences in the run-up.

The club also “know that everyone will somehow get along with each other. Robert certainly won’t stop scoring on purpose either because he was saved. He’s at such a level where he’s polishing his memorial and not 20-goal season allow,” said Wilkowicz. “So if he does come back, he’ll keep scoring.”

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