Is Lewandowski on strike? Familiar with plain text announcement

Robert Lewandowski can still relax on vacation, but things will soon get serious: the world footballer is expected to train at FC Bayern on July 12. There is currently speculation as to whether the goalscorer could go on strike to push through his change request. A close Lewy confidante is therefore upset.

“I don’t know where the rumors about a strike are coming from,” Lewandowski’s good friend Tomek Zawiślak told “picture” and made it clear: “There was never such a thought.”

Zawiślak is responsible for marketing and public relations for the 33-year-old superstar and therefore has a very close relationship with Lewandowski.

“Since Robert said that he will not renew his contract, there have been various false reports that have been spread to harm him and build resentment towards him. That’s why there has been a lot of hate and serious threats against him online,” revealed the Lewandowski- buddy onward.

Indirect allegations against FC Bayern

Zawiślak indirectly accused FC Bayern. “Playing with emotions as a club is part of football, but these days it’s necessary to be very careful and not to overstep certain boundaries. It’s true that no player is bigger than the club, but no club is bigger than a person,” said the Pole.

Zawiślak alluded to a statement by CEO Oliver Kahn. “There is no player who is above FC Bayern and bigger than this club,” the 53-year-old said in May on the sidelines of the Munich championship celebrations on “Bayerisches Fernsehen”.

FC Bayern has not yet let Lewandowski move to FC Barcelona and instead refers to the player’s contract, which runs until 2023.

“The transfer window is still open, Robert has made it clear that he wants to leave and the talks are taking place. There are still different scenarios possible,” said Zawiślak about the unclear future of his friend, whom he vehemently defended: “The club even during an ongoing one Changing contracts is normal in football, and Bayern also signs players that way.”

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