IOC not worried about Omicron cases

The IOC believes that the increasing number of Omicron cases in China will have no impact on the Winter Olympics.

“We are not concerned that this could affect the Games,” said Pierre Ducrey, who is responsible for the organization of the Games at the International Olympic Committee. He referred to the closed corona bubble in which all Olympic participants move for the duration of their stay in Beijing.

You are “very well protected inside the bubble,” said Ducrey. There will be no contact between the people within the closed Olympic circle and others in China. Within the corona bubble, everyone was vaccinated and had to undergo daily tests.

Health officials expect more infections

A good three weeks before the opening of the Olympics, Omikron continues to expand in China. In Beijing’s neighboring city of Tianjin, the number of people infected rose to 137 by Wednesday.

The metropolis ordered a second round of mass tests in which the entire population should be tested. Schools and universities were closed.

Health authorities expected further infections. Omikron is likely to put China’s strict zero-Covid strategy to the test with mass tests, curfews, quarantine and foreclosure. The Winter Games are scheduled to begin in Beijing on February 4th.


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