Infantino strikes a new note in the World Cup debate

With a view to the debate about a World Cup every two years, FIFA boss Gianni Infantino has criticized Europe’s attitude.

“We see that football is developing in a direction where a few have everything and the majority have nothing. In Europe, the World Cup takes place twice a week because the best players play in Europe,” said the president of the world football association before the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where the Commission’s report “Football administration: economy and values” was discussed. Even in Europe there is a big imbalance. The vast majority of Europe don’t see the best players and don’t compete in the top competitions.

The change in the World Cup rhythm has been a major issue in football for months – the European Football Union and the South American Confederation Conmebol are against it. So far, the World Championships have been held every four years.

“We have to involve the whole world,” emphasized Infantino, focusing primarily on Africa: “We have to give the Africans hope that they don’t have to come across the Mediterranean to maybe be able to lead a better life here. We have to give them opportunity and dignity.”

Infantino, meanwhile, has also defended World Cup hosts Qatar from ongoing criticism, especially on human rights issues. “Change doesn’t happen quickly. In Europe it took centuries and decades. Thanks to the World Cup and thanks to the spotlight, the system developed in record time in just a few years,” said Infantino, adding: “There’s still a lot to be done, a lot to change We have to keep up the pressure but also acknowledge that there have been changes.”


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