In the MLB, there are five potential destinations for Julio Tehran in 2022.

Julio Tehran recently stated in an interview with Colombia’s daily El Universal that he will have a private pitching session with companies in February with the goal of returning to the MLB.

In light of this situation, we’ve compiled a list of five prospective destinations for Tehran in 2022.

Right-hander Julio Tehran could be a part of the Detroit Tigers again for the 2022 Major League Baseball season

The Detroit Tigers are looking to make a quality leap and have signed Javier Báez for the next six years to help them do so. If Detroit wants to contend, it will have to make many adjustments to its starting pitching, which lacked a strong arm last season. In a recent interview, Julio Tehran acknowledged that the Tigers have been waiting for his return and would be one of the organisations present for the Colombian’s private pitching exhibition next month in Florida.

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