Ice hockey: national goalkeeper Fedotov arrested in Russia

Russia’s national ice hockey goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov has been arrested in St. Petersburg, according to his country’s media.

As the news magazine Der Spiegel reports, citing Russian media, the Olympic bronze medalist in Beijing refused to do military service and is said to have been taken to the Russian army’s draft office after leaving the training hall.

However, other sources say the arrest is linked to Fedotov’s upcoming move to the North American professional league, the NHL. The keeper was drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers in 2015 but continued to play in his home country. In the coming NHL season, he should switch to the best league in the world and go on the ice for Philadelphia. He signed his contract with the Flyers in early May.

Relations between the NHL and the Russian league KHL have been strained since the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. The NHL has prohibited communication with officials, players and agents. Fedotov had been awarded as the best goalkeeper in the past KHL season.

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