Ice hockey association files criminal charges against DEB boss Reindl

The Hesse Ice Hockey Association has implemented its threat and filed a complaint against DEB President Franz Reindl in the dispute over possible violations of association regulations.

As the “Spiegel” reported on Friday, Hendrik Ansink, 1st chairman of the Hesse Ice Hockey Association, had filed a criminal complaint against Reindl with the Munich I public prosecutor’s office – among other things on suspicion of granting advantages and breach of trust to the detriment of the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB ).

The DEB initially left a request from “SID” unanswered. The DEB told Der Spiegel that it “knows neither the content nor the existence of an ad”. The allegations made against Reindl are “inaccurate”. In addition, Ansink and fellow campaigners would have left unanswered or rejected “offers of information”.

The Hessian ice hockey association sent two briefs to the DEB office shortly before Christmas. One brief relates to a notification of administrative proceedings against those responsible for DEB due to gross violations of sporting decency and violations of the association’s statutes. The other includes an arbitration procedure for the release of data and documents in order to be able to assert possible claims.

DEB refers to expert opinions

“If the control committee does not indicate by January 11, 2022 that it has called on the responsible state authorities and is working with them, we will consistently initiate additional procedures via the state authorities,” Ansink wrote in a letter to the state associations and called the DEB.

Reindl is the focus of the investigations. Among other things, it is about the question of how his role as honorary president can be reconciled with his work as a well-paid managing director of a DEB subsidiary. The ethics committee of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) had recommended that the DEB “have the allegations examined comprehensively and independently”.

The DEB spoke of a “constructed accusation” and refers to an expert opinion that was commissioned from the law firm Verte in Cologne. “The result should be available in the next few weeks,” DEB President Reindl wrote in his New Year’s greeting to the association’s members.

Reindl, President of the DEB since 2014, failed in the election for President of the World Federation IIHF in September and also blamed reports on the allegations.


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