IBU punishes national associations for illegally using wax

The IBU, the world biathlon federation, has fined the national federations of Moldova and Lithuania for using prohibited fluorine wax.

As the IBU announced, the use of ski wax, which contains harmful C8 fluorocarbons, has been proven in the nations concerned. After the third violation of the new IBU rules, he will be excluded from a World Cup.

The background to the rule change is an EU directive that prohibits the use of certain fluorine chains in ski waxes. They are harmful to the environment and health. Fluorine has a water-repellent effect and is therefore an advantage when preparing skis, especially in rainy and warm conditions.

IBU wants to completely do without fluorine

According to the EU directive, the IBU had changed its rules. All member associations signed a declaration before the start of the season in which they promised to follow the new rules. The IBU carries out spot checks in the teams’ wax cabins at all events.

In the future, the world association wants to go one step further and completely forego fluorine. To this end, the teams and producers are tinkering with the production of new waxes.


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