´I would not have been a starter again´, the shocking confession of Tom Brady about the Tuck Rule Game

The Tuck Rule Game is one of the most remembered games of this millennium in the National Football League (NFL)due to the controversy generated by a call from the referees in the game they played New England Patriots Y Oakland Raiders in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs of 2001.

This game also began to take hold of what would later become the most illustrious career in professional football history. Tom Brady He was the leader of a Patriots who were still grieving the loss of their starting quarterback, Drew Bledsoe..

About this match, and in statements taken from the 30×30 of this game, conducted by ESPN, Tom Brady opened up to then-Raiders rival Charles Woodson about the play call that definitely changed his life forever.

“I wouldn’t have started again,” Tom Brady

Tuck Rule game has given football analysts and fans two decades of debate about whether or not a key play call in New England Patriots history was correct. So much so that franchise owner Robert Kraft considers it “the play that started a dynasty“.

Tom Brady, in statements with the 30×30 documentary that ESPN made of the game, was blunt about the outcome of the play. charles woodsonwho faced Brady with the Raiders that day, asked him about what would have happened if the call on the field was the opposite, and they gave it as a fumble and not an incomplete pass.

He probably wouldn’t have started in 2002“, the seven-time Super Bowl champion was honest, adding that “Bledsoe would have returned to the starting lineup. They would say that with his experience, he wouldn’t make that mistake and throw the ball before he gets caught.“.


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