“I think I can fit in perfectly”

Norman Powell debuted last night with the Los Angeles Clippers and more than met expectations. The guard went up to 28 points (including four triples) to make it clear that he is an excellent acquisition for the Californians and that he can be part of a squad that aspires to everything.

The Angelenos currently do not have Kawhi Leonard or Paul George due to injury, but they do not stop thinking about what is the right way to get a ring. The organization feels that with Powell they have taken a step in that direction. The guard also believes that the mixture will work.

“Literally for my entire career, I’ve been in every possible role on a team. I’m the classic guy who struggles and tries to get into the rotation. Being in a rotation, coming out of a rotation, playing alongside Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, then doing it with Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard in Toronto… I think I can fit right in here, with Paul George and Kawhi,” he told the media.

The movement of the Californians has been carried out in the present tense, but it can bear fruit in the future. Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Norman Powell, as well as others like Marcus Morris and Luke Kennard, are guaranteed contracts until 2024; that is, he has this season and two more left in the team, so there is time to look for the ring. Lawrence Frank, president of basketball operations, believes they have achieved more than expected with Powell’s arrival.

“We never thought it was realistic for us to get a player like Norman Powell, especially being a team that won’t have cap space for a long time. It is very, very difficult to get players like him, who have a long-term contract and are at their best. His ability as a three-level scorer is fantastic. He plays off the ball and can be deadly at catch-and-shoot. He really complements Paul George and Kawhi Leonard,” he says.

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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