Holstein Kiel turns game in Regensburg

In his anniversary game, Jahn Regensburg missed three planned points for the hoped-for promotion to the Bundesliga.

Coach Mersad Selimbegovic’s team lost 2-1 (1-1) in their 300th second division game in the club’s history against Holstein Kiel and fell back to eighth place in the table.

Regensburg had taken the lead through Scott Kennedy (12th), but Julian Korb (35th) and Alexander Mühling (59th, penalty kick) turned the game in favor of Kiel. With the hosts, Max Besuschkow (42nd) missed a penalty kick when the score was 1-1.

The Regensburgers exerted a lot of pressure at the beginning, but the Kielers were increasingly able to free themselves. After the change of sides, the guests even had a little more of the game and also the better chances to score.

First, Finn Porath only hit the post, then the strong midfielder took the penalty to make it 2-1. After that, Regensburg, who had been too passive for a long time, pushed for an equalizer.


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