Hofmann: “Sent a sign of life”

National soccer player Jonas Hofmann from Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach sees positive signs in the foals despite the 2-1 defeat against Union Berlin on Saturday.

“In my opinion, despite the defeat, we sent a sign of life,” said Hofmann at a media round, “the team has shown that they want to get out of this difficult situation.” The Gladbachers conceded the fourth home defeat in a row.

They have tried everything, “give everything, and we have no choice but to build on it,” said Hofmann. The team “actually did well” as a collective.

The midfielder continued: “We brought all the important virtues onto the pitch, but we weren’t rewarded for it because we weren’t awake enough at the decisive moment. That’s why we ended up empty-handed again – and that’s what unfortunately counts.”

Hofmann had not been available to the five-time champion for five weeks due to an operation. “It was just a minor knee operation so I wasn’t out for as long. I hadn’t done that many training sessions with the team yet, but I felt good and had confidence in my knee again.”

It was therefore agreed “that I’ll play from the start and then see how long my legs will carry me. In the end it was enough for about 80 minutes”.


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