Herrmann is looking forward to the Biathlon World Cup in Germany

Denise Herrmann is not yet satisfied after her gold medal in the individual at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. The German biathlon star wants to attack again next winter and has the World Championships in his own country in mind.

Denise Herrmann continues her career. The 33-year-old is preparing for the upcoming winter. The big highlight is undoubtedly the Biathlon World Championships in Oberhof. Because of this, the overall World Cup does not play the most important role for the native of Saxony.

“The overall World Cup is not the main goal this season if we have a home world championship,” said Herrmann in conversation with the Biathlon Association IBU.

In the coming winter, the Olympic champion will be trained by Sverre Roeiseland, among others. The Norwegian succeeds Florian Steirer in the German team, who left after four years as an assistant coach. “It was tough, but the main goal is 2026 (Winter Olympics in Italy, editor’s note) and the young athletes might want to get new input,” Herrmann commented on the move from Steirer to Roeiseland.

Herrmann sees the German biathlon team in a good position

In the coming years, the German biathletes want to challenge the dominant Norwegians again, revealed the winter sports ace. Herrmann had a good relationship with Steirer. “I still miss Florian when I realize what we did together,” said the 33-year-old. The joint successes are “forever in my heart and memory,” said Herrmann.

The German biathlon team is still in a strong position. “Kristian (Überlinger, national coach, editor’s note) knows us well. He’s in really good shape and can challenge and follow us in training. It’s good when coaches can’t just see things on the track. With It will be very interesting for these two coaches,” said Herrmann about the duo of Mehringer and Roeiseland.

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