Hering and Kolberg miss the World Cup final over 800 meters

The German champion Christina Hering and World Championship debutant Majtie Kolberg were eliminated from the semi-finals over 800 m at the World Championships in Eugene.

In the third World Championship semi-final of her career, Hering finished last of her run (2:01.57) despite a courageous race. Kolberg sold dearly and finished sixth in her race (2:01.36).

“In the end I was still missing a few grains, I hope they will come at some point. But overall I’m mega happy,” said Kolberg on “ARD”. The last German in an 800m final at the World Championships was Claudia Gesell in 2003 in Paris, where she was fifth.

Fastest in the semifinals was Olympic champion and top favorite Athing Mu (USA/1:58.12) ahead of Olympic silver medalist Keely Hodgkinson (Great Britain/1:58.81). Defending champion Halimah Nakaayi (Uganda) surprisingly dropped out.

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